Winter fun in Mt. Shasta


Mt Shasta lenticular clouds

Our sacred mountain Mt. Shasta is most incredible covered with a blanket of snow and invites the adventurous, romantic, and people with many ideas how to enjoy this amazing awe-inspiring companion … click to enlarge.

Skiing … snowboarding … ice skatingsnowshoeingcross-countryski mountaineeringbackcountry skiing … sledding … climb a glacierand dog sledding too!

winter fun video

Northern California winter fun video


For the adventurous. try snowmobiling around the majestic mountain and through the fresh powder …

tubing snowmobiling … snow camping … Telemark skiing … build an igloo or snowman … winter mountaineeringalpine skiing … shovel someone’s driveway … ice fishing … speed skating …  visit the  Lava Beds National Monument …  or even just have an old-fashioned snowball fight … so much to do in Mt. Shasta during the winter.


build a snowman

You can jump from high buildings or, more down to earth, build your own snowman ! …


You can be Superman flying through the air…

There are lots to do in Mt. Shasta during the winter. It is a winter wonderland with usually clear sunny warm days and clean, pure  and crisp air to deeply breathe in and feel alive. The snow can get deep in town, over 10 feet along many sidewalk berms.

From the Mt. Shasta Ski Park including the cross-country Nordic Center to the Siskiyou Ice Rink, to ice fishing on Castle Lake, to snowshoeing,  backcountry skiing and ski mountaineering all over the mountain to building snowmen and snow igloos on the  mountain…  and of  course don’t forget the fun of a good old-fashioned snow ball fight.

Ski Park Weather Conditions

mt shasta in snow

Mt. Shasta  dressed in white …

A great new experience after a cold day out in the snow would be to take advantage of  soaking in the hot sulphur healing waters at nearby  Stewart Mineral Springs as well as sweat  in their huge wooden sauna or be brave and walk downstairs and slowly wade into the adjacent almost freezing ice-cold river, and then of course if you want a whole new life experience,  you can choose to do a local Karuk Indian Sweat Lodge and envision  whole new universes  opening before you.

dog sledding

Mt. Shasta Online Visitor Guide

Ice skating is available at the nearby outdoor Siskiyou Ice Rink ...

Ice skating is available at the nearby outdoor Siskiyou Ice Rink

We have snowmobiling tours and winter spiritual tours.. we have it all.. there is sledding, tubing, winter mountaineering, snow camping, alpine skiing, dog sledding.. and put on your Yak Traks for just simply walking around on any icy streets or paths, hiking and of course freezing your fingers and toes is always available … for free!!

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