Spacious Bedroom
with attached bath

The huge violet flame bedroom is a spacious bedroom and truly a magical experience.

It is a humongous 18X20 space with an attached bathroom, stained glass art, wetlands view and super large 6X9 closet.

Spacious bedroom

Huge Saint Germaine violet flame decorated bedroom with attached bath and stained glass artwork.

Spacious violet flame bedroom

Pillowed love seat with coffee table, writing desk with chair and comfy reading chair with sunlight reading lamp rounds out the bedroom furniture. A chest of drawers is in the huge walk-in closet …

Spacious bedroom gives you the feeling of freedom and lightness

One of the incredible highlights of this unique Mt. Shasta getaway is this expansive spacious bedroom, the Saint Germaine bedroom. It is decorated with numerous violet flame shades and textures. Consequently there is very high energy frequency in this room. It is a very large 18X20 and is a magical private bedroom. Some little girls visiting have said it is their “princess”room. Furthermore it has a private connected violet double sink bathroom with bathtub/shower and an extra huge 6X9 walk in closet with dresser (one guest used the closet as a small bedroom).

Extra bonus

An added bonus is a beautiful hand crafted Flower of Life amethyst and crystal stained glass art piece in the main window. As a result this is a magical room and a fairyland for young girls who think of it as the PRINCESS ROOM. In addition, some people like to think of this as the MASTER Bedroom because of its spacious size, rich stately purple colors and stunning Flower of Life stained glass art in the window.

Huge violet bedroom                                  This is a magical room and a fairyland for young girls who think of it as the PRINCESS ROOM.

Violet flame bathroom

Adjoining double sink bathroom with an extra long 6 foot bathtub/shower combo …

Every bedroom is special but this extra-large one has a special charm and appeal that make it the favorite of many. First of all, it has a view over the natural wetlands across the street. Next there is a beautiful Victorian overhead fan with light fixture built-in. In addition there is a love seat with coffee table plus a writing desk and chair  conveniently available. Most noteworthy there is also a super comfortable reading chair with ottoman to rest your feet.  Furthermore there is a nearby reading light with a special daylight bulb to make your reading experience a healthy and pleasurable one.


Flower of Life stained glass
Handcrafted Flower of Life stained glass.

Noteworthy for those interested in doing a workshop type event is the sheer spaciousness of the room.  Subsequently there are various sleeping possibilities in this one of a kind Mount Shasta vacation rental. Some guests choose to make this large  bedroom into a dormitory type room during workshops and events at Angel House.


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