WillowTrees Bedroom: with view of stately
and exquisite old growth Willow Trees

Beautiful southern plantation setting with two ancient huge Willow Trees outside your window.

WillowTrees Bedroom

WillowTrees Bedroom with large closet, built-in shelves, two side tables and reading lamps It has a round wooden table & lamp with antique Queen Anne chairs. It is very sunny and overlooks the graceful ancient Willow Trees..


Shared bathroom across the hall with a double sink and full bath/shower.

Upstairs hallway

Hallway (with hidden washer/dryer) between WillowTrees Bedroom through French doors on right. There is a bathroom near left and MountainView Bedroom far left.

front yard

Front yard with incredible Willow Trees and eye-catching hand crafted stone meditation seat seen from the WillowTrees Bedroom.

WillowTrees Bedroom, with French Doors to the hallway,  has a summer view of two spectacular Willow Trees right outside your window.  In addition you have views of the front yard natural wetlands pond with beautiful Foxtail and pussy willows growing in and around the edges. Noteworthy also is the view of  Castle Crags Mountains with the landmark Pinnacle Rock dominating the landscape. Furthermore you have a view of the magnificent  Eddies Mountain range and surrounding natural wetlands.

The room has plenty of closet space (with iron and ironing board) plus ample built-in shelves In addition there is a double sink, bath/shower combo bathroom right away across the hallway.

This is a quiet room and chosen by many doing a lot of inner work. Consequently there is a stillness in the room’s energy that brings a feeling of inner peace. In conclusion, you will appreciate a piece of history in the two authentic now antique Queen Anne chairs at the conveniently located round writing-table.

Willow Trees

Spectacular ancient summer Willow Trees right outside your bedroom window.

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