Many breakfast choices

Restaurant BREAKFAST Choices ABOUND!

There are several convenient and delicious restaurant breakfast spots within 5 minutes drive of Angel House.

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Berryvale Grocery is one of Mt. Shasta’s most popular shopping and eating establishments.

You haven’t really seen Mt. Shasta till you have visited Berryvale. By the way, an insider’s secret is that they also have a great selection of unique women’s apparel and lots of hard to find gadgets and accessories and even a plethora of spiritual handicrafts… all to add to your eating experience.

Berryvale Grocery is where you can have a healthy all natural, preservative free organic breakfast in their well run cafe. Watch out as the cafe is not open weekends and closes around 4PM daily. In fact you might want to call before you go: Cafe: 530-926-3536, store 530-926-1576 and is at 305 South Mt. Shasta Blvd, and shares a parking lot on one side with the Post Office.

Black Bear Diner: Many people’s favorite during all hours of the day and into the night.

black bear diner for breakfast, lunch or dinnerPerhaps you want to go to many people’s’ favorite Black Bear Diner, where at all hours during the day and late at night (closes at 10PM) you can load up on all the typical breakfast foods like pancakes, waffles and all kinds of gargantuan omelets with potatoes, bread and the whole works. Black Bear is well-known throughout the area for its  huge servings at reasonable prices.  It is located real close by right near the main I-5 Freeway ramp on Mt. Shasta’s main Lake Street  at 401 W. Lake St. and can be reached at (530) 926-4669 and their website is: Black Bear Diner. And if you want to check out Black Bear’s incredible large and varied menu take a gander here: Black Bear Menus.

A Mt. Shasta locals’ secret we share with you: Mt. Shasta Pastry Shoppe!

pastry shoppe mt. shadta

There is small boutique  specialty breakfast  restaurant  Mt. Shasta Pastry  where you can get made to order eggs of all kinds and lots of home-made  delicious mouth-watering pastries to add a little sweetener to your breakfast.  They offer a variety of  baked goods, croissants, turnovers, scones, coffee cake, and much more. Their bakery is always creating new and yummy pastries. Their breakfast and lunch menu includes a variety of egg dishes, french toast (made with homemade bread), oatmeal. Breakfast specials are offered on the weekend and include Eggs Benedict,  their famous Tuscan Scramble, and Feta Spinach Quiche to name a few.  They also proudly serve Peet’s French Roast Coffee. It’s close by at 610 South Mount Shasta Blvd. and you can call them at (530) 926-9944 or check out their website at: Mt. Shasta Pastry Shoppe

The Oven Bakery is another well-kept Mt. Shasta secret right downtown, a 10 minute walk from Angel House.

And then there is the wonderful small but friendly  The Oven Bakery where the proud bakers get up early in the morning to make sure you have the fresh bread of your choice waiting for you. 214 N. Mount Shasta Blvd., (530) 926-0960.

 One visitor said of The Oven Bakery “We are visitors from Silicon Valley and from the day we stumbled upon The Oven Bakery in Mount Shasta, we have been going back daily for pastries and bread. Awesome scones, cookies, sticky buns, muffins, croissants and sourdough breads. Since we are staying in a place without a full kitchen, one of the days I bought the freshly made bread, warm and hot out of the oven, added some good The Oven Bakerycheese to it, broiled it and ate this with some fruit and salad on the side. It was a lunch fit for a queen.



The Cornerstone Restaurant with awesome breakfasts… no dinners served here..

The Dunsmuir Brewery with amazingly unique and delicious dishes .. a good place for brunch and discovering micro brews (opens at 11AM).    5701 Dunsmuir Ave., (530) 235-1900.        

Cafe Maddalena Restaurant is a 4 star unique restaurant with exceptional food with a constantly changing menu. It has been written up in many Tourist Guide Books and attracts visitors from all around the world…. if food is your thing, do not miss Cafe Maddelena..a little more pricey than the others but an exceptional dining experience. 5801 Sacramento Ave., (530) 235-2725  HOURS: Thursday–Sunday, 5 pm–9 pm


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