Sunny LIVING ROOM plus romantic fireplace and huge 55″ 3D HD Television.

romantic fireplace

Small cozy fireplace …  and huge 3D HDTV Television! Click to enlarge.

Sun filled room with romantic fireplace and state of the art 3D smart WI FI connected 55” HDTV flat screen…

and leather vibrating lounge chair for your comfort ——-

Romantic Fireplace & 3D HDTV

sunny living room

Living Room with 55″ 3D HDTV foreground and Dining Room in background …  click to enlarge.

bathroom downstairs

Colorful and convenient downstairs half bath … click to enlarge.

With its romantic fireplace, the color coordinated  Mexican, American Indian and Asian motifs, the Living Room comes alive in a palette of pleasing colors and shapes all to soothe your senses and offer you both a creatively stimulating and deeply centering and relaxing experience. Round shapes and designs are used throughout the house to soften the hard edges of reality and allow you to time travel into a healing, loving and nurturing cocoon.

In addition, there is a colorful and convenient half bath connected to Living Room. Sitting in the comfortable leather vibrating chair on a sunny day while everyone else is out enjoying themselves means you can relax back in this very soft plush vibrating chair sending you on a journey and you can enjoy the solitude of being with yourself and the angelic energy in this one of a kind vacation rental experience in this beautiful and sacred town.

Come discover for yourself why many people first walking into Angel House ask “why didn’t we find this place before? This place is incredible.” And if you are lucky enough to come at the end of summer during blackberry season, you can just step outside the front door and eat to your stomach’s content. It’s a dream come true for many of our visitors from all around the world!

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