Splendiferous Front yard

Angel House front yard is packed with visual treats changing with the seasons. From the wild and natural gardens to the spectacularly huge graceful Willow Trees, you will feel like you are in heaven.

Angel HouseThe Willow Trees are the centerpiece of the front yard. It is  surrounded by natural wetlands grasses growing all around, including slender, seductive and mesmerizing pussy willows and all kinds of natural flora and fauna across the street. In the backyard is the Mt. Shasta Community Garden park which in 2015 became a public park and safe natural sanctuary created by the Mt. Shasta Land Trust.  Occasional wild ducks and geese fly by to nearby Sisson Meadows and if you are lucky a few of these geese and ducks will stop by and visit you in the Angel House front yard pond.

side view Angel House



The classically designed and hand crafted stone meditation bench immediately catches your eye as an elegant and authentic way to sit and enjoy the stillness of the giant Willow Trees in the front yard.


The majesty of the two brotherly giant old growth and quite spectacular Willow Trees will mesmerize you. They are poetic to watch and you receive their energy through your eyes and can feel the wisdom and grace and peacefulness offered here to those willing to take the time and open to it.  We welcome and even encouraged you to hug our trees.

willow treesStanding elegantly and guarding over the Angel House front door is an original Indian Shiva statue. It created by hand out of cooled volcanic lava on the island of Bali in Indonesia. shiva statuemeditation bench

Sitting on the handcrafted stone bench you can look at the amazing view over the front yard. You look across the wetlands to the Castle Crags Mountain range with Pinnacle Rock dominating the landscape.

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