DINING ROOM with view of beautiful Mt. Shasta!!!

Sitting at the Dining Room table you have a great view of the beautiful mountain through the sliding glass door…you get to dine with the graceful and majestic mountain at your side.

Dining Room

Dining Room as seen from Living Room. Bookshelves have many board games, books and DVDs to pass away your hours …


Dining room table

The dining table has 6 upholstered teak chairs and two more bench chairs nearby.

Between the Kitchen counter and Dining room  at 3 foot counter are quaint hand-made wooden counter stools. The Dining Room has a masterpiece hand crafted teak wood dining table with 6 chairs. Each chair is straight-backed and ornately carved with leather upholstered  cushioned seats. While dining, you have the pleasure of being there with the mountain which is looking at you from above and beyond our back fence and through the sliding glass door into your very own eyes. If you look carefully out the sliding glass door you can have a unique Mt. Shasta vacation rental experience with a summer view of our beautiful and colorful back patio garden.

Winter Mt. Shasta

Beautiful snow-covered winter mountain view from dining room.

summer mountain

Patches of snow on the summer mountain viewed from the Dining Room.

The view out the large Dining Room sliding glass door has the beautiful sacred mountain sitting right next to you and communing with you as you share meals with her. Watch the summer or winter mountain from the comfortable Dining Room table and enjoy bright colorful kitchen dishes and general atmosphere in the house. You will find yourself eating peacefully under the Mountain’s gaze.



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