Better than a Bed & Breakfast!

Best Vacation Rental in Mt. Shasta 2017

Voted 2017 Best Vacation Rental in Mt. Shasta

      Do you want ….

privacy during your special vacation plus the convenience of eating whatever you want for breakfast and at whatever time you want to eat it?

Then Magical Angel House is perfect for you. It is better than a Bed & Breakfast!

Dusk settling on Angel House

     Winter dusk softly and smoothly settling on Magical Angel House

Angel House has been honored winning the  “2017 BEST Mt. Shasta Vacation Rental” Award.

Angel House is not a Bed & Breakfast….  it is even better … it is a Vacation Rental where our guests have the opportunity to go out to the fun and delicious places to dine in Mt. Shasta.  Or you can cook for yourself after visiting our friendly local regular huge supermarket, health/organic grocery stores, or even a grass-fed meat grocery store.  Angel House has more flexibility for you than a Bed & Breakfast. For the same price, you get privacy during your vacation experience. Plus you have the flexibility to have your breakfast on YOUR schedule… not the schedule of the B&B manager. Out of your own refrigerator you can munch and have snacks all day long and far into the night!

Why share your vacation experience with strangers when you don’t have to?

And Angel House offers way more than just the opportunity to prepare your own food. There is the private cozy fireplace you and your partner or family can gather around and not be bothered with other people who might be noisy and might interfere with your enjoying the people you came with and who you really want to spend quality time with. You are spending a lot of money for that special memorable experience away from home and in the sacred energy of Mt. Shasta. You can choose to have a private get-away if that is what  your heart calls for.

At Angel House you have the privacy and comfort of an entire 1,700 sf home with 3 bedrooms, your own private kitchen, your own private huge 55″ 3D HDTV .. and even your own super comfortable leather vibrating chair to sit in and relax after a hard day playing in the sun, hiking the mountains, swimming in the lake or skiing down the slopes.

willow trees

And what about breakfast? If you want to be served a hearty breakfast of WHATEVER food you desire, you have lots of choices. AND YOU CAN GO AT WHATEVER TIME OF DAY IT SUITS YOU… YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN SCHEDULE!



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